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Social Syntax [?]

I hope this does not require too much help.

 /                \
/   +--quora---+   \
|  /            \   |
  |\           /|
  | +--slack--+ |
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Self Portrait [?]

This drawing from c.2000CE, shows a much younger me re-inventing the wheel.


hemidemisemi-Professional CV
GitHub (note: several repos are private -- inquire using vCard above)
Articles about Computer Science and Software Development that appear on Quora
Tiling and quilting patterns with Javascript
Handy lists of English words for CS projects


Second String: Articles about Music that appear on Quora
Third Rail: Issues
Fourth Estate: Things that other people say
Fifth Wheel: Selfies ... one of these should work ...
Sixth Sense: A few photos that are not selfies
Seventh Sign: Donald Trump (Yes, I know. This link goes nowhere.)
**NEW** Working Eight Days a Week: The Interview --- Read part of my interview with my brother from the April 2016 issue of Intellectual Exhaust.

Coming soon ...

Nine lives (and 26 screws): Some serious thoughts on getting around after five spine surgeries.
Ten Commandments: Reflections on Krzysztof KieĊ›lowski's Dekalog
The Eleventh Axiom: Moving beyond the tradition of ten, this is the result of newly decoded, invisible ink writing discovered on the back page of a first edition of The Mythical Man Month.