George Flanagin

A few un-selfies, which is to say, photos where I do not appear.

If your monitor shows the grey blocks as different shades of grey, your monitor is close enough to "correct" to see the photos well. The Roman numerals in the chart correspond to Ansel Adams's zone system values, and the background of this page is Zone V, or #787878 in terms of RGB web colors.

Small type is sometimes used to call out unusual attributes of the photo. Unless otherwise stated, all photos were taken with Nikon cameras, ranging from the F3 to the Z5 and D500. Some photos have information about the lenses and filters used when there is anything unusual to reveal.

Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia.

Emmett, Idaho.

Wilcox, Arizona.

Sierra Diablo, Texas.

Williamstown Harbour, Australia. 87c infrared filter.

Phoenix Zoo, Arizona.

Melbourne, Australia. 87c infrared filter.

Richmond Virginia. Wratten 47A filter.

Freight train along the James River. Richmond, Virginia

Westhampton Lake, Virginia Wratten XO filter.

Clouds over Westhampton Lake, University of Richmond (iPhone 5s)

Clematis flower, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

James River, Richmond, Virginia

James River, Richmond, Virginia, Wratten 47A filter

Oregon Hill, Richmond, Virginia (iPhone 4s)

Sweetwater, Texas

Snow, Richmond, Virginia (iPhone 4s)

International Date Line, Jan 01, 2001

Keuka Lake, New York

Mathews Beach, Virginia

Westhampton Lake, Richmond, Virginia.

Keuka Lake, New York

Santa Monica, California.

Me, at 65.

Birthday party, Richmond, Virginia

Roofers taking a break, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Valerie Hardy in her studio, with a painting of Valerie Hardy in her studio. Richmond, Virginia

Erhu player, Sydney Train Station, Australia

First iPhone, Richmond, Virginia

Eclipsed moon, 8 November 2022

Greer, South Carolina

Moon overtaking Mars before occultation on 17 Feb 2020

Transit of Venus, 5 June 2012. 780nm Infrared.

Moon near Zubenelgenubi, 2 Dec 2021

Westhampton Lake, Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia

Gambles Mill Eco-Corridor, Richmond, Virginia

Ithaca, New York

Richmond, Virginia

Tidal flats, Eastern Shore Virginia

Artichokes near Mount Toolebewong, Victoria, Australia

Northern Water Snake, Westhampton Lake, Richmond, Virginia

Buttermilk Trail, Richmond, Virginia, 87c Infrared filter.

Richmond, Virginia.

Coprinopsis picacea, Richmond, Virginia.

Taughannock Falls, New York.

Cayennes, Richmond, Virginia

Geelong, Australia

Church of the Epiphany, Manhattan

Kitchen tools.

Gottwald Center for the Sciences.

Richmond, Virginia. Taken through a CPL, 81A, and 15 filters.

Self portrait

Early 21st century bottle opener by Roger Lamanna.

Westhampton Lake, Virgina

iPhone XR

Wayside Springs Park, Richmond, Virginia.

KT88 tubes in both infrared and visible light.

Driving at night to Melbourne on the M1, south of Sydney, Australia.

A diamond, Richmond, Virginia.

Melbourne, Australia.

Try-me Art Space, Richmond, Virginia.

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia.

Ballarat Football Club, Victoria, Australia.

Near Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virigina.

Holly Wood Cemetery (87C infrared filter), Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia.

Church of the Epiphany, Manhattan, New York.

Brown Headed Nuthatch

Male (red) and Female House Finches

The same pair of House Finches in their nest.

Richmond, Virginia

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Richmond, Virginia

University of Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Westover Hills, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Hall, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia

Try-me Art Space, Richmond, Virigina

Waiting for the Eclipse in Greer, South Carolina

Westover Hills, Richmond, Virginia

Ballarat Australia

Doorway, Richmond, Virginia

Church of the Epiphany, Manhattan

100 Main Street, Natchez, Mississippi

Church of the Epiphany, Manhattan

Westover Hills, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Virigina

Miami, Arizona

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Sister Rosetta Night Club, Short Pump, Virginia.

iPhone 6s

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Near Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia.