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Articles on Music from Quora

I used to print the text here, but it seems like a waste of effort, and potentially like I am trying to pirate my own work. Instead, here are links to the articles, with a brief explanation of what they are 'about.'

My explanation of Music Theory in just a few paragraphs.
Favorite conductors are a matter of taste. This is my opinion about some people currently regarded as 'good.'
It is important to appreciate the variety in conducting styles, no matter what style you like.
A little bit about Jean Sibelius, and his love of vodka.
A crossover question about music databases. I have been trying to solve the problem of a catalog for my own collection of CDs for 35 years. I still have found no solution.
Why you cannot choose 'classical' as an Apple Music favorite.
Gabriel Fauré wrote many things beside the famous Requiem.
An anti-whine about contemporary classical music.
A definition of contemporary classical music.
A comment about Bruckner.