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Articles on Quora/Stack Exchange about Computer Science and Programming.

I used to print the text here, but it seems like a waste of effort, and potentially I prevent you from reading the comments and other answers to the same questions. Instead, here are links to the articles, with a brief explanation of what they are 'about.'

Just what is 'ownership?' I have become tired of this particular euphemism, and I am not sure it means anything at all.
Between Java and Python, which language should I learn first? This question has floated around on Quora under a number of names for the past few years. My answer focuses entirely on the learn-ability of the languages, and how to get started. It is not yet another polemic about Java, although now you know how I feel.
A lot of people wonder why I "still" use vi[m]. This article does not entirely explain my choice, but it covers most of the ground.
What do better programmers know that average ones do not? I don't think any of my examples have to do with the programming, itself.
On the related topic of good v. average, here is my opinion about good, better, and best software developers.
This is the first of two articles about switching to software development. This one is about coming from another career.
This one is about starting at a later age. There are several questions about this on Quora, mainly differing on the starting age. My answer is the same at any age -- do it.
After a while, the question got asked again, so I said this. It seems people think they will have a hard time getting a job in the field.
My opinion on writing a lot of code. If you program long enough, you will certainly have the experience of writing a long program more or less by yourself.
My opinion on writing the minimum code required. Less code -> Fewer opportunities to be misunderstood -> Fewer bugs.