George Flanagin

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Every four years or so I imagine that I could run for President. And then my wife reminds me about the problems of the campaign and the travel, the meeting and greeting, the town halls, ... and I realize I would rather stay within the Richmond city limits, and not try for the highest office. In fact, I would rather stay at home and get my cheques by direct deposit.

Nonetheless, I imagine what wonderfully short press conferences and interviews I could have ... ``Mr. Flanagin, what do you think about ...''

abortionIt should be safe and legal, up through the eighteenth year.
bathroom useI am only there for one or both of two numbered reasons. What's the big deal?
bluegrass musicOverheard at work (and I swear this is verbatim):

1. I really dig bluegrass.
2. Yeah, me too.
1. It's so much fun to play.
2. It sure is.
1. Every song is built on the same three chords.
2. You know it.
1. And the rhythms are all the same. Just the words change.
2. Yeah, that makes it so fuckin' easy.
1. Yeah.
2. Yeah.
1. Yeah, that's probably why all the songs sound the same.
2. Yeah.

conscriptionIt democratizes what is at stake in the defence of democracy; an all volunteer military does not.
country musicSee "bluegrass" above. But a friend tells me Country Music is not fun to play.
electionsW. J. Clinton said it best: If you want to change things, you must vote in every election.
evolutionIt happens, and it has happened for a few billion years. Bacteria seem to evolve every few hours.
fossil fuelWe must move away as rapidly as possible from fossil fuels ... merely to level out the greenhouse gas level 100 years from now. I have three grandchildren, and I care about such things.
godsMany people believe in gods for the same reasons that children believe in Santa Claus: their parents told them about it.
gunsI have not owned a gun in at least 30 years; I have no use for one.
immigrationImmigration policy is a counterexample to the axiom that few people find fault with a system that got them where they are.
IowaIt is one of four States I have not visited, and I do not plan to.
JFK assasinationI was not on the Grassy Knoll, although I was not far away. But I was only six years old, and I did not do it.
lesser of two evilsIf you are unwilling to vote for the lesser of two evils, then you have voted for the greater of two evils.
middle eastAmericans must realize that the people who live there will remain there, and that at some point, our troops have to come home. It is best to stay out of it.
moon landingsI was in high school at the time. I am sure it happened.
nuclear powerGet a grip on reality. There is no way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without it. Environmentalists who deny this are just as nutty as the people who deny man-made climate change.
overseas warsAll military engagements that are voluntary, or that have a duration over 48 hours, should be approved by Congress. Either declare war, or decide it is not worth it.
rebuilding New OrleansIt is already below sea level. I think it is an excellent pilot project for constructing a twenty foot sea wall that will last until 2100.
religionGiven that I cannot determine the difference between a "belief" and a "religous belief," other than that the latter is a convenient way to gain standing, I am the wrong person to ask.
trade agreementsIn general, I like them. It is unfortunate that the United States has so little to sell abroad, and until we do the trade imbalance will continue whether or not we have more trade agreements.
vegetarianismI am a meta-vegetarian, myself. It is a dietary choice I do understand, but I do not understand the evangelical zeal with which its practicioners offer me food, smile, and say "This is vegan, gluten-free lasagne." How about some beans and rice?
zzzThe importance of sleep cannot be overstated.